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Thank you LA!

We had a fantastic opening last night. Thank you for your love and support! And thank you Plaza de la Raza and Maria Jimenez Torres for hosting us at the magical BoatHouse Gallery.

Here is one of the works that were part of this exhibition at Plaza. In addition to screening this video in our galleries, the artists performed the piece live for the audience.

The artists were inspired by the testimonies and stories that they know directly or indirectly from Cuban citizens. The work embodies the belief in the creative potential that inhabits the paradoxical realities between the two countries, and imagines one of the possible futures.

Los artistas se inspiraron en los testimonios y las historias personales que han conocido directa o indirectamente de ciudadanos cubanos. La obra encarna la creencia en el potencial creativo que habita en la realidad paradójica entre los dos países, e imagina uno de los futuros posibles.

Work by Carolina Vargas and Gabriel Jimenez

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