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Every bit counts!

MY CALARTS STUDENTS ARE ON MY MIND. 15 incredibly talented students are hoping to travel with me to La Habana in less than 2 months to work with our Cuban collaborators on the first exhibition and performance series of El Acercamiento/The Approach. The project brings together US and Cuban artists to participate in shaping the future of US/Cuba relations.

We need your support. In the next 4 weeks we hope to raise at least $7,500 to cover the students’ rooms, meals, and transportation. We are traveling on a shoe string budget:

-Sponsor a student's meals for $200 (one week) or $30 (one day) -Sponsor a student's transportation expenses for $100 (one week) or $15 (one day) -Sponsor a student's room rental expenses for $300 (per week) or $45 (one day)

-Sponsor a student’s round trip to La Habana for $450

Contributions, however small, will have a big impact! Find out more about our project and how to make a tax deductible donation on our website:

For more information contact Evelyn Serrano, project founder and CalArts faculty at


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