At San Alejandro, La Habana
At San Alejandro, La Habana
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Grupo ISA II
Grupo ISA II
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Grupo ISA IV
Grupo ISA IV
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El Acercamiento/TheApproach brings together artists living in La Habana, Miami and Los Angeles. We are visual artists, performers, musicians, singers, poets, art historians, and dancers. 




Rosniel Abril, Juvenal Baro, Cerlian Barreto, Edel Bordon, Lucia Bordon, Pablo Bordon, Yenny Brito, Ignacio Carballo, Alberto Campos, Duliet Carmona, Wendy Coll Cruz, Aldeide Delgado Puebla, Michel Deschapell, Danko Robert Duportai García, Yuneisy Ferro Martinez, Amanda Fuentes Valdes, Mari Claudia Garcia, Ines Garrido, Lisa Gomez Blanco, Anisley Gonzalez Buduen, Maikel Gonzalez Ultra, Isabel Cristina Gutiérrez, Agustin Hernandez Carlos, Alvin Hernández Ricardo, Laura Elena Insua, Reynier Nande, Shaquile Nuñez, Yamil Orlando, Hector Palacios, Yamile Pardo, Osmel Pentón Crespo, Ivan Perera, Alicia Piedra, Marlon Portales, Jose Carlos Rodriguez, Luis Romero, Pedro Yoelvis Romero Blanco, Nicolas Sanchez, Aissa Santiso, Evel Antonio Suarez Remis, Boris Luis Triguero Barroso, Leydiana Lisbett Valdes López, and Ana Gabriela Valdez Suarez



Isabel Alfonso, Ana Maria Alvarez, Beryl Brachman, Tionna Brunson, Marissa Chibas, Artur Da Silva, Jocelyn Dimaya, Fiona Dornberger, Carmina Escobar, Paola Escobar, Karina Fathi, Jasmine Gatewood, Elizabeth Geocaris, Heaven Gonzalez, Dan Gower, Jessica Gregory, Adele Han Li, Robert de Harold, Lydia Hicks, Isabel Ivey, Derek Jackson, Gabriel Jimenez, Amber Jones, Ani Kazandjian, Joana Knezevic, Emily Lacy, William Lawrence, Talya Levine, Rafael Lopez-Barrantes, Marco Lukini, Aubree Lynn, Paige McGhee, Tyree Marshall, Moriah Martel, Abygail Merlino, Fernando Mitre, Michael Mora, Dany Naierman, Elizabeth Noriega, Eloy Neira, Glexis Novoa, Ra Nubi, Audrey Olmos, Tanya Orellana, Briana Patillo, Sophia Pietrkowski, Tanner Polendak, Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang, Madeline Quint, Joshua Rivas, Caleb Roitz, Juliana Romero, Ruben Rubio, Evelyn Serrano, Sidney Schafer, Shaina Lynn Simmons, Neha Sobti, Gabriel Sosa, Molly Surazhsky, Diana Texeira, Inobe Thomas, Sayda Trujillo, Carolina Vargas, Ieva Vizgirdaite, Victoria Wallace, Elizabeth Webb, Chris Wentworth, Noga Yechieli, Colin Yeo, Melis Nur Yoruk and Yeliz Yoruk. 




Jeannene Przyblyski, Provost, California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA)

Adolfo Nodal, Entrepreneur (San Pedro, CA)

Jorge Fernandez, Director, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (La Habana, Cuba)



In Los Angeles:

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) has set the pace for educating professional artists since 1970. Offering rigorous undergraduate and graduate degree programs through six schools—Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music, and Theater—CalArts has championed creative excellence, critical reflection, and the development of new forms and expressions. As successive generations of faculty and alumni have helped shape the landscape of contemporary arts, the Institute first envisioned by Walt Disney encompasses a vibrant, eclectic community with global reach, inviting experimentation, independent inquiry, and active collaboration and exchange among artists, artistic disciplines and cultural traditions. CalArts is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top ten graduate schools for the fine arts in the United States.


CalArts Center for New Performance (CNP), the professional producing arm of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), was established to provide a unique artist- and project-driven framework for the development and realization of original theater, music, dance, media and interdisciplinary projects. Extending the progressive work carried out at CalArts into a direct dialogue with professional communities at the local, national and international levels, CNP offers an alternative model to support emerging directions in the performing arts.

Curuye is dedicated to creating a cultural crossroads between Southern California and most particularly Cuba, through broadening awareness and understanding of Cuba’s dynamic cultural activity.

Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center for the Arts & Education is the only multidisciplinary community arts venue dedicated to serving the Eastside neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including Boyle Heights. Founded in 1970 by prominent labor, business and civic leaders as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it offers affordable after-school, intergenerational arts education programs to nearly 5,000 children, teens and adults each year; 1,200 of those participants are Boyle Heights residents. Its mission is to foster enrichment of all cultures bridging the geographic, social, artistic, and cultural boundaries of Los Angeles, and beyond. Throughout the year, Plaza presents more than 500 classes (beginning to advanced) that are taught quarterly by local artists and performers in theater, dance, music, and the visual arts. In addition, the center attracts more than 25,000 visitors each year with its free cultural programs, and manages almost 300 community volunteers.


In La Habana: 


Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro is the oldest art school in Latin America, and one of the most prestigious fine arts schools in Cuba. 

Universidad de las Artes/ Instituto Superior de Arte was established on September 1, 1976, by the Cuban government as a school for the arts. Its original structure had three schools: MusicVisual Arts, and Performing Arts. ISA currently offers pre-degree and post-degree courses  in Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Theater and Media, as well as a wide spectrum of brief and extension courses, including preparation for Cuban and foreign professors for doctorate degrees in the arts. 

Fabrica de Arte Cubano is the premier interdisciplinary space for contemporary arts in La Habana, showcasing work from prominent Cuban and international artists in all the visual and performing arts.

The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC), a non-governmental, autonomous, non-profit institution, was officially created in January 1995 with the purpose of promoting and protecting the work of young Cuban artists. Its principles and strategies have been increasingly refocused in response to emerging needs in the Cuban cultural environment. From a cross-disciplinary outlook including the use of new technologies, the approach to contemporary culture occurs through different types of knowledge, which favors a complex treatment of the multiple subjects that interact in today’s Cuban society. LFC’s international projects are based on programs for Cubans and foreigners with the goal of establishing dialogues and long term exchange projects with important institutions and personalities.


In Miami: 


Centro Cultural Español

The mission of CCEMiami is to promote the social, human and economic development in South Florida through the cultural exchange of institutions and creators from Spain, Latin America and Miami providing a platform for dialogue and education for the city. CCEMiami will pay particular attention to those groups which have limited access to culture, always inspired by the principle of freedom and respect for cultural diversity.

(Proposed)  MDC Live Arts is Miami’s most eclectic performing arts series. Created in 1990 as Cultura del Lobo, MDC Live Arts has a celebrated history of bringing extraordinary national and international performing artists to Miami. The annual series presents today's most exciting artists and designs meaningful engagement between these artists, the students of MDC, and the greater community. MDC Live Arts seeks artists from across the globe who push boundaries and honor traditions relevant to Miami’s diverse community, and aims to offer audiences opportunities to discover new ideas, perspectives and forms of expression.

(Proposed) New World School of the Arts (NWSA) is Florida's premier center of excellence in the visual and performing arts. As a conservatory, NWSA develops talented students in the areas of dance, music, theater and visual arts from the ninth grade in high school through a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor in Music college degree.

Fundarte is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to producing, presenting, and promoting music, theater, dance, film and visual arts that speak to Miami’s diverse cultures with an emphasis on Hispanic arts and culture. FUNDarte particularly works to nurture emerging artists and those with little or no exposure to South Florida audiences; facilitate intercultural and international exchanges; and provide local audiences and artists with educational opportunities that expand their creative, critical and social perspectives.